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About Our Parish

Our parish has been serving the greater Chicagoland area since the late 1970's and is currently located in the suburb of Chicago, Northlake, IL.  It is a Syriac Orthodox church under the Malankara North American diocese (more info.)   Our parish mainly consists of a community of Indian immigrants, Malayalees (ie. people from the southernmost state in India, Kerala.)  Our beloved church vicar, since 1981, is Very. Rev. Thelappillil Sakariya Cor-Episcopa.


This parish started in 1978 as a prayer group, known as "St. Ignatius Prayer Group."  On July 23, 1978, Rev. Fr. John Jacob (Late Lamented His Grace Dr. Yuhanon Mar Philoxinos), conducted our first Holy Eucharist celebration at our first rental location, 3748 N. Newland Ave, Chicago.  Fr. Jacob was then vicar of the Staten Island Syriac Orthodox church of New York.  Being the head of another parish, Fr. Jacob was not able to conduct service every Sunday in Chicago.  So, Fr. Jacob shared the responsibilities of conducting Sunday services for our church with another priest, Rev. Fr. Punoose Chaluvelil.

Mor Savarious Abraham
Mor Savarious

In 1979,  we were blessed to have our own full time dedicated priest.  That year Rev. Fr. Abraham Aluckkal (now His Grace Abraham Mor Savarios) came to the United States from England.  Our diocesan bishop at that time, Late Lamented His Eminence Yeshue Mor Athanasius, realizing our need, appointed Fr. Aluckal as vicar of St. Peter's church.  With God's blessings, our church progressed; and in 1981, we moved to a new location of our own: 4853 N. Spaulding, Chicago.  We were Our old church at 4853 Spaulding, Chicago.the first Malayalee church in the Chicagoland area to own a church building.  Fr. Aluckal remained as our vicar until he was ordained as the bishop of the Angamally diocese as His Grace Mor Savarious in March, 1982.

Our present vicar, Very Rev. Fr. Thelappillil Sakariya Cor-episcopa, took over responbilities from Fr. Aluckkal. We are indebted to Fr. Sakariya for all the improvements and progress he brought to the this church. We continued service at 4853 Spaulding until 1996. We moved to the present location at 150 E. Belle, Northlake, in November, 1996. 

With God's grace and under Fr. Sakariya's leadership, the church has grown and flourished, and continues to serve the community for the glory of our Redeemer..