Malayalam School

Malayalam spelled out

Malayalam is the language of Kerala - one of the southernmost states of India. It is spoken by almost 40 million people! (40 million people is approximately the population of Spain and is larger than the population of Canada.)

Language is a medium of social interaction.  It is often times specific to each culture - passed down as a legacy from one generation to the next.  It gives identity, pride, and a sense of belonging to a community -- especially for a community that values being distinct in the melting pot of America. 

St. Peters Church wanted to teach the Malayalam language to the next generation of our church. With this interest, a Malayalam school was started under the leadership of our Vicar and our principal Mrs. Delsy Mathew. The main objective is for the children to be able read, write, and converse in Malayalam. 

The Malayalam school was started in January 2007 with a dedicated team of Malayalam teachers. Classes are divided according to the age.  Each student is provided with a Malayalam text book. Malayalam classes are conducted regularly after the Holy Qurbana.