2014 Perunaal Celebrations - Days of Holiness, Fun, Festival

June 22nd 2014 - June 27th  2014 

After the Holy Qurbana on Sunday, the church flag along with the United States flag was hoisted high to mark the beginning of the Perunaal celebrations of the Church. Starting on the Saturday, all through the week members of Church decorated the Church with all joy and eagerness to welcome His Eminence Mor Titus Eldho and guests. 


June 28th 2014

On June 28th 2014, the events were kicked off at 7:00 pm with the members of the Church extending a warm welcome to His Eminence Mor Titus Eldho. His Eminence was visiting our Church first time after the tenth year of consecration. Dressed up in traditional Kerala attire, the church members welcomed the Archbishop with lot of cheer and an energetic ‘Chendamelam’. 

The evening prayer started at 7:15 pm with Archbishop  leading the prayer along with Very. Rev. Thelappillil Sakariya Cor-episcopa , Fr. Thomas Kurian and deacons. Following the prayer, Fr. Thomas Kurian gave a very informative and insightful message on love and relationship.

Secretary Mr. Jason John opened the public meeting next with a welcome speech. Very. Rev. Thelappillil Sakariya Cor-episcopa, in his speech, declared and re-affirmed the Church’s loyalty and submission to the Archbishop.

 Very. Rev. Thelappillil Sakariya Cor-episcopa , on behalf of the entire Church, honored Archbishop with ‘Amsha Vadi’  for completing the 10th year of consecration as Archbishop of  Malankara Archdiocese of the Syrian Orthodox Church in North America . During the public meeting, the choir sang beautiful songs and kept the meeting lively. Also, the Archbishop cut a cake and shared the happiness of the great moment. 

As everyone gathered next in the basement after the offertory, lights went off, alarms started ringing.  The alarms stopped, music started to play. The lights now turned on and all of a sudden there were four kids on the table all set to dance. Yes, indeed! You guessed it right. The kids entertained the gathering with a flash mob dance. The dance was a huge entertainer with more than 30 kids tapping their foot for various songs. The crowd were all excited and might have had their own step or two! 

The dinner was served to complete the day’s celebration. 

The 'Vanitha Samajam' stalls were opened all through the evening with homemade mango pickles going on sale.

June 29th 2014

On Sunday June 29th 2014, the Morning Prayer started at 9:00 am followed by the Holy Qurbana at 10:00 am. The Qurbana was led by Archbishop His Eminence Mor Titus Eldho. After the Qurbana, Archbishop gave a message about the life of St. Peters and the learnings we should have from life of martyrs and evangelists.

The ‘Raasa’ (procession) followed the enlightening message from the Archbishop. All members and guests participated in the raasa, holding colorful umbrellas and flags. The ‘Chendamelam’ by the church team led the Raasa making a colorful sight for the eyes and festive sounds for the ears.

Like previous years, even this year all students who graduated from schools and colleges were felicitated by the Church by giving an appreciation plaque. Students who passed the 10th grade at Sunday School were also felicitated.

The much awaited ‘ground breaking ceremony’ for the Church Renovation Project was conducted by Archbishop. It was indeed a moment of joy to get the building construction started by the Archbishop Himself.

At the basement, ‘pachor nercha’ was arranged for all.

Another surprise was waiting – ‘Koottu Lelam’ (combined auction).  It was a fresh experience for many who gathered to watch and participate. Mr. Rajesh anchored this. Lunch was served to all who had gathered.

The church flag was lowered at 2:00 pm to mark the end of yet another successful, fun filled and blessed Perunaal celebrations.

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