Lenten Service Project 5: Spring Cleaning (April 5, 2023)

“Palathulli Peruvellam” (പലതുള്ളി പെരുവെള്ളം) is a saying in the Malayalam language that directly translates in English to: a few drops multiplied over time leads to plenty of water. This saying is often used in the context of human effort. It attempts to convey that when one puts forth the smallest of efforts, over time that effort can lead to a large scale change, even if not apparent in the beginning.

  Earthday.org is a non-profit entity with such goals of inspiring change through multifaceted efforts, one being the Great Global Cleanup Initiative, that ramps up it’s efforts in April, surrounding Earth day. People from all walks of life host cleanup initiatives through earthday.org, with cleanups that are as small as a local backyard to community wide cleaning and recycling efforts. Following a cleaning event, they share their cleanup efforts, small or large, with earthday.org, to inspire others to maintain a clean and healthy environment.

  On Saturday, April 01 2023, as part of the Great Lenten Service Project series, a church spring cleaning event was held. This year, we shared our cleaning efforts with Earthday.org. The planning of the cleaning event featured an interior and exterior cleanup of the church premises. While inclement weather threatened the execution of the event, we pressed forward. The cleanup efforts were curtailed to the indoors. During the event, recyclable items were successfully recycled, and the church along with the associated parsonage interiors were cleaned. Through holding this smaller scale cleanup event, and practicing recycling, we hope to: inspire individuals to enhance their recycling efforts, hold larger scale cleaning events in the future and based on readiness, engage in continuous recycling practice at church.

 Our smaller scale cleanup efforts were submitted to Earthday.org who in turn, appreciated for our efforts. As “Palathulli Peruvellam” conveys, we hope that such smallsteps will lead to substantial  change in how we think about maintaining our environment, by reducing plastic waste, reusing where possible, and recycling.