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Kiss of Peace

Good Friday Icon"Greet one another with a holy kiss"  The kiss of peace is a traditional Christian greeting dating to early Christianity. The practice remains a part of the worship in traditional churches. It is practiced as a part of worship and included in the Liturgy of the Holy Eucharist. 

2014 Perunaal Celebrations - Days of Holiness, Fun, Festival

The 2014 Perunaal celebrations of St. Peter's Church were held from Saturday Jun 22nd 2014 through Sunday 29th 2014 in a holy, spiritual, fun-filled environment. His Eminence Mor Titus Eldho, the Archbishop of  Malankara Archdiocese of the Syrian Orthodox Church in North America led the prayers and celebrations. Here's presenting a glimpse of celebrations this year. 

Christ is Risen

People condemned God to death; with His Resurrection He gave them immortality. For striking Him, God returned embraces; for insults, blessings; for death, immortality. Mankind wanted to make God dead, but God, with His Resurrection, made people alive, the crucified God resurrected on the third day and thereby killed death ! There is no more death. Immortality is surrounding man and his entire world. The all-joyous and most desired day of Holy Pascha (Resurrection) has come and the entire Church solemnly and radiantly celebrates the rising of Christ from the grave.....

Good Friday - Coming Full Circle

Good Friday IconWhat’s so “great” about Great and Holy Friday? The term “Good Friday” or “Great and Holy Friday” is used in Orthodox vocabulary without giving much thought about what makes it so great. Our Lord and Savior died. God died on this day. Yet the Church claims it as great and holy! It begs the believer to ask “why?” ...

Launch of New Website

Welcome to the newly designed and upgraded website of the St. Peter’s Jacobite Syriac Orthodox Church. The website was inaugurated by The Vicar and President Very. Rev. Thelappillil Sakariya Cor-episcopa during the special general body meeting held on 22nd June 2014 amidst an august gathering of the Church.  The website was declared open for all members of the Church and public in general in the occassion. 

2014 Spring Service Project - Phil's Friends

On April 5, 2014 we as a church spent the afternoon with Phil's Friend's - an organization that helps patients and people deal with cancer.  They help with prayer, kindness, support, and care packages.  We spent the day packing boxes, writting letters, and stuffing envelopes. The kids color cards and pictures to send to patients!  It was a fun-filled time, that was a blessing for all that attended.  

   To find out more about Phil's Friends: http://www.philsfriends.org/