2013-2014 Sunday School Prizes

On Jan 25, 2015, St. Peter's church recognized outstanding performance by our Sunday School kids with an awards ceremony after Holy Qurbana.  More than simply receiving trophies, it is important to encourage our kids to study and work hard in attaining spiritual knowledge.  This awards ceremony honored those kids that excelled at:

  • The 2014 November Sunday School competitions
  • Overall 2013-2014 Sunday School Academic Performance
  • 2013-2014 Attendance Awards

Below are the winners from this past year!  Give them all a hearty cheer as they continue to grow in their faith. 

2013-2014 Academic Year Awards

Overall Performance

Class 1st Place 2nd Place
Class 2 Delsen Cherian Anna Paul
Class 3 Bennet Varghese
Jacob Kora
Linnet Varghese
Class 5 Angelin Prasad Beetal Biju
Class 7 Anne Arun
Joshua Kora
Leah Kunneth
Jacob Paul
Class 9 Sherwin Poothicote Joslin George


Class Name
Class 2 Lisa Kuriakose
Class 3 Linnet Varghese
Class 5 Beetal Biju
Class 7 Roshen Cherian
Joshua Kora
Class 9 Joslin George

2014 Sunday School Competitions

Class KG

Event 1st Place
10 Commandments Jason Jacob
Hope Scaria
Allan Abraham
Hannah Skariah
Nathaniel Varghese
Isabel Varghese
Rachel Varghese

Class 1

Event 1st Place 2nd Place
Moral Story Basil George Abigail Tharakan

Class 3

Event 1st Place 2nd Place
Qurbana Song Jeremy Thomas Norah Rajesh
Bible Verse Memorization Emlyn George Delsen Cherian

Class 4

Event 1st Place 2nd Place
Moral Story based on Bible Bennet Varghese Linnet Varghese

Class 6

Event 1st Place 2nd Place
Speech Riyana Chacko Naomi Rajesh
Qurbana Song Beetal Biju Mathew Kuriakose
Bible Verse Memorization Beetal Biju Rainu George

Class 8

Event 1st Place 2nd Place
Speech Anne Arun Leah Kunneth
Bible Verse Quize Anne Arun Leah Kunneth

Class 10

Event 1st Place 2nd Place
Speech Shayna Chacko Joslin George
Christian Song Shayna Chacko Joslin George
Bible Verse Memorization Sarah Jacob Sherwin Poothicote