Sunday School 10th Grade results


St. Peter's Sunday School attained significant achievements in the 2013 National 10th Grade Exam conducted by the Malankara Syrian Orthodox Sunday School Association Of North America. All the students who took the exame, passed!  The top three students in the region 5 were students from St. Peter's Sunday School.

Congratulations to the students and teachers for the great performance ! 

Region 3 Top Rank Holders

Student Name  Score  Rank in Region
Ms. Sara Babu        83.50  1
Ms. Beara Zacharia        82.25  2
Ms. Aleeta Biju        79.75  3

Below students have also passed the test. 

Ms. Sarah Zechariah
Ms. Sandra Thomas
Ms. Sabrina Kora
Mr. Noel Joseph

Mr. Joel Vargeese
Mr. Ashwin Thomas

Mr. Jerry Jacob