Charities & Missions

The following links are related to the various charitable and missionary orginizations of the church.  If you want to search charity items that appear under other websites use the custom search tool, here.  If you have corrections or additions, please contact us here(Note, these are only links to sites whose whole purpose is charity or missions...not information that appears under a parish site.)


Charity Sites

Evangelistic Assoc. of the East

The Evangelistic Association of the East is the first Missionary Association of the Jacobite Syrian Church under the direct control of the Patriarch of Antioch. The mission of the association is to spread and propagate the HOLY GOSPEL amongst Christians, non Christians and promote educational, religious institutes thereby to cultivate benevolence philanthropy patriotism besides charitable services to the poor and the needy.

Janey Center

It is a day school for mentally disabled children located in the suburb of Kochi, Kerala, India. Not directly under a Syrian Orthodox Church. But largely invested by Fr. P.C. Varghese.

St. Paul's Mission - India

This organization was formed prayerfully by few of God's servants who really had the burden for lost souls. To carry out missionary work in areas where no such work has ever done. To pray and work for spreading the gospel throughout India.


They extend the expression of God's love to the humanity by virtue of bringing it into action. Shanthibhavan was born in 1987 with a shelter for the old aged destitute and the uncared in Redhills area, in the outskirts of Chennai Metro, India.

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