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Youth Sites

St. Ephraim's Youth

St. Ephraim Youth's website

OOC Youth

The Oriental Orthodox Church Youth of Los Angeles consists of the Armenian, Coptic and Syriac Orthodox Church youth members of the Los Angeles, CA Archdioceses. They are committed to Orthodox UNITY of the Oriental Orthodox Christians.


The national website for the youth organization of the Malankara diocese.


Syrian Orthodox Archdiocesan Youth Organization of Eastern USA


Melthodhaye means the life giving word, that is to say; the Word became flesh and was sacrificed for our salvation. The Word, Jesus Christ, gave us a new life through His resurrection. The choice of the name for this homepage and organisation was based on that. The Holy Script is God's word that can give human beings a new and pure life. The Bible's words are within us, and that is what enriches our lives and helps us to produce good works before our Lord

Youth Initiative in the Syriac Orthodox Archdiocese in Sweden and Scandinavia


Syriac youth club in Sweden. [Swiss]



St. George's Youth - Carteret, NJ

Website for the youth of St. George Malankara Syrian Orthodox Church of Carteret, NJ USA.

St. Peter's Youth - Philadelphia, PA

Youth website for the St. Peter's Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church in Philadelphia, PA USA

Seraphim Newsletter

Seraphim - spiritual newsletter by the youth of St. Peter's Church in Philadelphia, PA USA

St. Peter's Youth Blog - Philadelphia, PA

Blog for St. Peter Philadelphia youth club.

St. Mary's Youth of Carrollton, TX

Website for the youth of St. Mary's Syrian Orthodox Church of Carrollton, TX USA

St. Peter's Youth Club - Philadelphia, PA

St. Peter's Youth Club. This website maybe out of date

St. Mary's Youth Blog of Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Website for Youth of St Mary's Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Cathedral Bangalore, Karnataka, India

St. Mary's Youth of Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Yahoo group for Youth of St Mary's Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Cathedral Bangalore, Karnataka, India

St. Paul's Youth - San Diego, California, USA

Website for the youth of Saint Paul Syriac Orthodox Church in San Diego, California, USA

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