Youth Group

The youth group is an integral part of the church.  The youth, in general, are active in all areas of the church: as altar boys, choir singers, or leaders in other areas.  The youth group's goal is to minister to these young leaders, by creating a place for the youth to fellowship in the Lord, to learn about the Lord, and to grow together in their faith.

Over the years, the youth group has evolved and changed.  There have been many fruitful programs like Saturday Sundae or Guys Fellowship or Girls Fellowship. Currently the youth group is very involved at the regional level, with our sister churches in the region, through MGSOSA programs.  MGSOSA is the youth movement of the Malankara Syriac Orthodox church.  Their mission is service, education and fellowship through upholding the Syrian Orthodox faith. You can find out more about MGSOSA at the national level here

Regionally, MGSOSA has been very active!  

  • A regular Bible study is held every couple weeks.  Currently they are going over the book of St. James.
  • They plan, host and run multiple conferences through the year. 
    • Currently they are organizing a national conference here in the more and get involved here

Past programs & ministries have been created to serve the youth group: 

Saturday Sundae

This was one of the longest lasting youth programs.  Running for over 2 years.  It consisted a fellowship meeting at one of the youth's houses, a Bible study, and some games. It was a time of growing together, learning, and fellowship. 

Guys Fellowship & Girls Fellowship

Sometimes we open and share with people of the game gender... thus guys & girls fellowship!  These fellowships are meant to grow bonds between older guys and younger guys & older girls and younger girls!